As we approach the end of 2020, it’s time for many people to start thinking about their taxes. If your advisors have clients – either individuals or business owners – in need of additional 2020 tax-deductions, now is a great time to talk to them about Asset-Based Long -Term Care (ABLTC) solutions.

The value of ABLTC has been well-established:

·     Tax-Free LTC

·     Tax-Free death benefit

·     Guaranteed premiums

·     Guaranteed Liquidity

What isn’t as well understood is the tax-deductibility of a portion of the ABLTC premium, essentially giving clients a “discount” on their premium.

Who doesn’t love a discount?!


Case Study

Mike | Age 55 | Nonsmoker

Paying $10,000 annual premium for 20 years

OneAmerica Asset Care, Lifetime Benefits, 3% compound inflation

Mike’s $10,000 annual premium is broken down into two parts:

1.  Life insurance premium: $5,773

2.  LTC premium: $4,227


LTC premiums are made up of three components:

1.  Premium to accelerate the death benefit for LTC,

2.  Premium for the Continuation/Extension of LTC benefits, and

3.  Premium for inflation protection.

After applying the IRS Age-Based Limits, Mike can deduct a total of $69,958 of his $200,000 premium over the course of his 20-year premium schedule. Assuming a 25% tax rate, Mike would see a tax savings of $17,250…or an 8.5% “discount”!


The key to making this work is using an ABLTC product that makes a distinction between life insurance and LTC premiums.

We currently work with three products that accommodate this:

OneAmerica Asset Care, Securian SecureCare, and Nationwide CareMatters II.

Each of these products offers its own unique competitive advantages outside of this similarity…but offering the tax deduction could be the factor that moves client from thinking about ABLTC, to putting pen to paper and signing the application.

This is a simple example for an individual able to itemize his taxes.

The conversation can become a bit complex when working with different types of business owners so if you’d like to learn more – or schedule an advisor webinar – please contact us!