Upgraded iGO Maestro System for Select-a-Term cases:

An upgraded version of the iGO eApplication system is now available for Select-aTerm. The upgraded system, iGO Maestro, is designed to improve ease-of-use and provide more accurate data-entry methods to help reduce application errors and case delays.

Other products will be made available in future updates.

You can continue to enter the iGO eApplication using the current method, and select the iGO Maestro version of Select-a-Term on the Case Information screen. The screens in iGO Maestro will largely appear the same, but enhancements to the system will improve entry accuracy and case experience. Among the enhancements:

  • “Smart” entry for important data such as addresses, existing carriers and field validations. Just start typing and matching options will be displayed. This will help reduce the risk of case delays due to incorrect or non-matching data.
  • Easier navigation through Details sections when clicking some Yes/No questions. These now appear as new sections or grids that can be answered in logical sequence, replacing the Details buttons that had to be clicked and answered in a pop-up window before proceeding to the next section.
  • Total screen area has been widened, allowing more information to be displayed without scrolling.
  • AlphaTrust e-Sign, a new-generation electronic signature method, is introduced with iGO Maestro full eApp, and is presented during the iGO signature process for term cases only. AlphaTrust eSign allows “finger written” signatures when using touch-sensitive devices, providing a seamless user experience. This eSignature method is approved by AIG Legal and Compliance.

You‘ll also notice some changed or new options throughout the application. Please see the following pages for screen shots of these application changes.