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Coming soon! Get an edge on IUL sales with new rates and other changes

Beginning November 21, 2020, we are making updates and enhancements to our portfolio of IUL products, including QoL Max Accumulator+ II and QoL Value+ Protector II to comply with AG 49-A guidelines set forth by the NAIC. There’s still time – applications received in good order on or before November 20 are eligible for current IUL products and competitive rates.

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Added value with the Early Cash Value Rider

The name says it all! This optional rider improves early cash value on the policy and is available only to business sponsored or premium finance cases and will require additional financial and suitability review by Underwriting and Advanced Sales. Available soon on QoL Max Accumulator+ II policies!

Changes to Non-med Underwriting – to help you crush this year’s goals!

The Death Benefit with Non-Medical Underwriting on QoL Max Accumulator+ II is increasing to $1 Million! Also as part of this expansion, non-med underwriting classes are changing (now Standard up to Preferred Plus), and a Vendor completed tele-interview is required to qualify for non-medical underwriting.

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IUL Annual Statement Enhancements

We heard you! Committed to providing world-class customer experience for you and your clients, we are making enhancements to annual statements on all new and inforce QoL Max Accumulator+ and QoL Value+ Protector policies. Look for a new IUL annual statement how-to guide in the coming weeks.

Interest Crediting Rate Changes

Reflecting on the current interest rate environment, we will be adjusting caps/participation rates for certain index accounts beginning November 21, 2020, on our current IUL products.

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