APIM Newsletter 1/6/22

January 6th, 2022
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Happy New Year!

Bonuses, Trips, NEW Lead System, New Carrier and More Programs to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!


As we head into 2022, we are excited about the NEW opportunities we are investing in to help YOU grow your business!

Make sure to keep up to date on our Website, Newsletters and LinkedIn for everything you need to start the year strong!


2022 QoL BONUS!

New year, new shiny things to be excited about. And we know you’ll be excited about the 2022 QoL Bonus!

Back by popular demand, the 2022 QoL Bonus program lets you qualify for a one-time bonus payment if you meet qualifications for new sales in 2022.

  • Review flyer to get started:
  • Set your target by reviewing the bonus threshold chart;
  • Know the guidelines (eligible products and their Weighted Premium Rates, minimum number of life insurance policies to qualify, and more);

Coming Soon! 2023 Leaders Development Conference Details.

Look for Announcement in the coming weeks.


 February Life Rates Are Now Available

Fixed Indexed Universal Life Insurance (FIUL) rates effective

February 15, 2022 for Pathsetter® and Everlast® are now

available. Click below to view our current rates.


Start the Year with 2 ways to earn CASH!

January 1 – March 31, 2022

Cash for Life Sales

Earn up to a $3,000 Cash Bonus

Cash for Annuity Sales

Earn up to a $2,000 Cash Bonus


Coming Soon: New Signature Option for Lumico Simplified Issue Final Expense (SIFE)

We’ll be launching a new Security Question Signature (qSig) option for Lumico’s SIFE product later this month.
qSig will be our fastest and most efficient signature process yet! It allows applicants to choose from a list of common security questions to apply their signature.
Keep a look out for more information!
Also, make sure to WATCH for an upcoming quick-start incentive to be announced soon!

22 Uses for Annuities in 2022

As we head toward 2022 and see more Americans reaching their mid- to late 60s, it is a great time to revisit how annuity products can be used to meet consumer financial challenges. Read on in this article to find 22 best uses for annuities.