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Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity(MYGA)

MYGAs offer safety and attractive accumulation options.

A MYGA is a retirement savings vehicle that offers low-risk accumulation and tax benefits for those seeking higher returns than typically available on CDs or traditional savings accounts. 

  • MYGAs offer rates that are typically higher than bank CDs for similar term lengths
  • Interest earned is tax-deferred
  • Principal is guaranteed
  • MYGAs pass to beneficiaries at death and avoid probate

The MYGA Wars are on!

While the typical bank CD or money market rate is hovering right around 3%, annuity carriers are topping those rates with their MYGA products.  Rates are changing frequently so check back often and call us today for a competitive illustration! 

These PDFs will change weekly, for your easy convenience 

MYGA Top 3 year products 

MYGA Top 4 year products 

MYGA Top 5 year products