North American ADDvantage Term Update
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This year has proven the importance of having the right protection in place. We can’t predict what’s right around the corner – even a 7-day weather forecast can seem iffy.

Help your clients prepare for the unexpected with North American’s updated living benefits now available in California!


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Chronic illness coverage NOW AVAILABLE on ADDvantage® Term1

Clients now have access to both terminal and chronic illness on ADDvantage Term.

Lifetime maximum acceleration amount increased to $2 million2

Lifetime maximum acceleration is $2 million when both the Critical Illness endorsement and the Chronic/Terminal Illness endorsement are on the policy or when the Chronic/Terminal Illness endorsement is on the policy.
The Critical Illness Endorsement is not available on ADDvantage Term.

Removed “permanent” from the definition of chronic illness

Did you know?

In California:

  • The cost of a private room in a nursing home is $127,750 per year.3
  • Almost one-third of adults have some form of cardiovascular disease.4
  • The third-most common cause of death is Alzheimer’s.5

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