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Who We Are Our Story

As a dedicated group of industry leaders, we came together in 2010 to launch APIM. Our goal was to utilize our expertise, comprehensive product knowledge, and client service techniques to create a proven, educational framework that fosters the next generation of top talent. Our company supports agents and guides them through the complexities of today’s most competitive and leading-edge insurance products.

While APIM has successfully assisted and educated countless agents since 2010, our growth-focused approach toward career development is the key to helping you achieve your goals. APIM offers today’s aspiring leaders a comprehensive support system and invaluable resources to help them become successful. We confidently share access to the industries’ most competitive carriers and products. We have a full team in each respective department dedicated to assisting agents from beginning to end in attracting, processing, and maintaining their business.

You are there for your clients. We are here for you.

Our Services Sales Support

Licensing Support

Getting Appointed Just Became Simpler

Our dedicated staff will streamline your application process.

Becoming appointed with a new insurance carrier can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  

You’re usually required to fill out a litany of forms and then expected to wait for weeks to receive a reply.  What’s worse, you have to repeat this entire process for every carrier. Duplicating your efforts is a waste of your time and energy.  APIM wants to help you reclaim that time and energy.

APIM has created a single repository system that allows you to fill out one application and submit it to multiple insurance carriers.  Our form takes around 15 minutes to complete and then is available to apply to any and all carriers that you wish.

As far as the weeks-long waiting period is concerned, we have you covered there as well.  Our staff will monitor the progress of your application every step of the way and help you resolve any issues to improve your chances of being approved.  

Benefits of APIM’s Licensing and Contracting Team:

  • Our relationships with management-level authorities means we know who to talk to on your behalf.
  • We’ve administered applications with background issues successfully.
  • We assist in easily obtaining and renewing state licenses.
  • Carrier product training is available for any carrier.

Sales Support

A Colleague To Guide Your Career

Your personal industry insider will coach you through the industry and answer your questions.

The most valuable asset to your career is a human resource to turn to when you are unclear about what to do next.  More than just a person to bounce ideas off of, you need a partner that knows where you shine and how to help polish your approach to clients and services.  

At APIM we pride ourselves on education and training for our client-partners.  To serve this goal, we provide you with a dedicated team member that can help you navigate tricky situations and build your confidence through industry knowledge and experience.  

Our field support team provides you with the ultimate point-person you may turn to any time you are at a crossroads or cannot see the path forward.

They work with you each week helping you close deals and find new opportunities.  Your personal representative will assist you in resolving issues that arise in the natural course of your work and will supply you with the right tools to get the job done.

Each of our representatives have a team of their own that meet regularly to discuss the needs of the agents they represent so that everyone is on the same page and ready to help in any eventuality.  Think of them as your primary sales support advisor.

The field support team assigned to you will go above and beyond to train you in the latest products and industry tips so that you are able to confidently share your new skills when speaking with your clients.

They will analyze your client’s needs and tailor suggestions for their unique circumstance.  Their opinions will be strategic and accommodating per any requisites your client may have.  



1. Develop a Business Plan

  • Your personal support representative will work with you to develop a comprehensive business plan that is tailored to your strengths.
  • They will monitor your progress as you work and help you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.
  • They will meet with you as your needs change to help alter your plan to suit your new trajectory.

2. Setting Appointments

  • Your representative will help hone your approach to setting appointments with clients.
  • They will prepare you for your appointments and help set actionable goals for each one.
  • They will meet with you after each appointment to discuss the process and where it could be improved.

3. Training and Coaching

  • Continuing education and seminars provided by APIM will keep you ahead of the curve on the latest products and offerings.
  • Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to learn from the top minds in the industry about how to run a successful agent practice and achieve your personal and professional goals.


Market Your Business, Express Your Values

Utilize our time tested CRM to stay connected to your clients.

When it comes to marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  

The root of all marketing stems from a need to connect business with clients and customers in a meaningful way.   Ideally, a business wants a ‘sticky’ relationship with their customers that builds trust and rapport while generating repeat transaction opportunities over time.  

The marketing methods to build this relationship are its own industry.  From print ads to email campaigns, graphic design and digital branding to personal outreach, marketing encompasses a vast array of tools to help you stay connected to your client base.  

If you run a business, you have no doubt been contacted by “marketers” who promise the moon if only you purchase their latest tools and fads.  Unfortunately, most of these scammy salespeople are more focussed on their own success than yours.  

At APIM, our marketing department is not a room filled with salespeople but rather a collective of marketing technicians whose sole purpose is to infuse your company with the latest successful strategies through your partnership with us.  

Marketing is an enormous component of your business that requires many diverse skill sets.  Our team utilizes a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which incorporates a holistic approach to your outreach to clients.  It is our technology that will give you the edge over your competition while providing real-time feedback into which strategies are working and which ones need attention.  

The ability to communicate your values to your client is the heart of this approach and our CRM will become your go-to tool in this effort.  By having access to your data in a meaningful way, we allow you to streamline your sales funnel and hit your target audience with messaging that makes an impact.  


1. Our CRM System

  • Our insurance-centric CRM helps you connect and stay connected to your clients
  • Quickly view your client’s policy information and insurance illustrations
  • Never forget a client’s birthday or renewal dates
  • Easily automate follow-up processes 
  • And so much more! 

2. Marketing Systems

  • Annuities Genius
  • InsMark
  • iPipeline Quote and Compare Tool
  • Annuity Seminars
  • Retirement Planning Seminars
  • Final Expense/Mortgage Protection Lead Generation and Management

3. Education and Sales Training

  • Access to presentations, print, and digital marketing materials 
  • Sales training to help you maximize your marketing efforts
  • Consistently evolving sales principles to assess your target audience

Our Values

Our mission is to build productive partnerships with individuals and businesses that embrace service, integrity, product knowledge, and client needs.

We encourage personal growth and life planning through exceptional service and competitive product offerings.

Our chief value is your success.


Our leadership is anchored in education, product knowledge, and encouragement. We have weekly training focusing on the newest and most impactful products on the market. We strive to foster elite leaders in the industry and our regular academic outreach makes our agents the most knowledgable and confident in the marketplace.

Having partnered with the industry’s leading carriers, our agents have access to the latest products and services the moment they are available. From pouring over coverage details on a particular case to helping you accurately articulate the products that will work best for your client, APIM works with you to achieve world-class results.