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The Eclipse Survivor IUL from Securian Financial is now an even more value-packed, client friendly solution for survivorship cases based on the addition of the No-Lapse Guarantee Agreement. This rider allows case designers to “dial” the guarantee to any duration up to maturity for clients seeking more certainty in their life insurance solution. Read on for the details!

Eclipse Survivor II Indexed Universal Life (IUL) now has an optional No-Lapse Guarantee Agreement (NLGA) so you can design a survivorship product to meet your client’s accumulation or protection needs. With the NLGA, your clients can dial the guaranteed duration up to age 120.

As a second-to-die, accumulation-focused policy, Eclipse Survivor II IUL offers: 

  • A robust menu of indexed accounts, including an uncapped option
  • Joint coverage for cost savings
  • Strong cash value growth potential
  • Fixed, indexed and variable loan options
  • New: The optional No-Lapse Guarantee Agreement

Illustrations are now live in Securian software and WinFlex Web. Check out the Eclipse Survivor IUL Product Highlights for additional details.