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Zurich, in partnership with GinsGlobal, has made a proprietary version of the Wealth Builder IUL available exclusively to AIN. This represents a powerful recruiting and marketing opportunity as well as the potential for a superior outcome for clients on real cases.

Find out more about the Wealth Builder IUL with the US Equity Triple Index from Zurich…


The new Wealth Builder IUL, including the proprietary US Equity Triple Index crediting strategy, is now available, exclusively to AIN Members!

The effectiveness of a strategy that includes three diverse indices and a look-back crediting strategy that automatically allocates to the best performing index is clear: More predictable, consistent returns for policy owners. Couple that with a product chassis with a reasonable cost structure and you have a recipe for a product with a compelling value proposition. Here’s the story from Zurich:

In an accumulation IUL, diversification can help optimize performance. Zurich’s US Equity Triple Index Account provides diversification with the added benefit of overweighting.

US Equity Triple Index Interest Account

  • S&P 500® Composite Stock Index: 500 largest U.S. publicly traded companies
  • NASDAQ-100 INDEX®: 100 largest most actively traded U.S. non-financial companies listed
    on Nasdaq stock exchange
  • Russell 2000 Stock Index®: 2,000 small cap companies

How does it work?

Each policy year, we’ll calculate the growth of each of the three indices. The top performer gets 70% of the weighting, the second best gets 30%, and the worst gets 0%. Then we apply the growth cap and the guaranteed bonus to interest credited in the prior year.

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What are the benefits of diversification and overweighting?

We know optimizing performance means choosing the best index. Historically, there hasn’t been one clear and consistent winner. With overweighting, no matter who comes in first, the best performer gets most of the crediting.


Given the propriety nature of this product, access to marketing materials, illustrations and forms are all a bit different.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are housed on AIN Essentials The currently available materials are: 

Make sure to check out the Zurich Wealth Builder IUL page on AIN Essentials as more content from Zurich is made available.


Illustrations for the Wealth Builder IUL with the US Equity Triple Index are available exclusively through WinFlex Web. To activate the Zurich product for a new case, please complete the following steps:

  • Start a new illustration in WinFlex Web
  • BEFORE entering any client data, navigate to the Agent Info tab
  • Enter the Home Office Password – USEquity
  • Hit “Calculate” and let the illustration run
  • Once the initial illustration is complete, navigate to the Interest Rate tab. Verify that the US Equity Triple Index now displays as an option in the Allocation section
  • Proceed with the illustration as you normally would

Still not sure how to proceed? Head over to AIN Essentials for additional guidance!


Forms are available via AIN Essentials! Simply follow this link to access a unique iPipeline forms instance that has everything you need to apply for the Wealth Builder IUL.