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Disability Insurance: Opening the Door

Disability insurance is a largely untapped market in the United States.  Many consumers believe that Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability will cover their expenses in the event that a disability prevents them from performing a job.  In reality, Workers’ Compensation only covers disabilities suffered on the job and Social Security Disability can take 3 to 5 months to process an application.  Many disabilities are not covered by either of these programs.  

When you take into account that 1 in 4 Americans will suffer a disability that prevents them from working over the course of their lifetime, the need for quality disability insurance becomes apparent.  

We offer agents the highest quality,  comprehensive disability insurance products in the country.  Whether your client needs short term, long term up to age 70, blue-collar or white-collar occupations, or group disability insurance for businesses, we have a product for you.  We even have products that will pay benefits when the client is able to work in a different occupation.  

Disability insurance is a great way to open the door with a client.  According to LIMRA, only 29% of working Americans have obtained disability insurance leaving the market wide open for the right agents.  With 66% of bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical bills, the loss of income due to disability can have a cascading effect on the well being of your client.  

At APIM, we have the products, knowledge, and training to help you protect your client’s income in any event.