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Getting Appointed Just Became Simpler

Our dedicated staff will streamline your application process.


Becoming appointed with a new insurance carrier can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  

You’re usually required to fill out a litany of forms and then expected to wait for weeks to receive a reply.  What’s worse, you have to repeat this entire process for every carrier. Duplicating your efforts is a waste of your time and energy.  APIM wants to help you reclaim that time and energy.

APIM has created a single repository system that allows you to fill out one application and submit it to multiple insurance carriers.  Our form takes around 15 minutes to complete and then is available to apply to any and all carriers that you wish.

As far as the weeks-long waiting period is concerned, we have you covered there as well.  Our staff will monitor the progress of your application every step of the way and help you resolve any issues to improve your chances of being approved.  


Benefits of APIM’s Licensing and Contracting Team:

  • Our relationships with management-level authorities means we know who to talk to on your behalf.
  • We’ve administered applications with background issues successfully.
  • We assist in easily obtaining and renewing state licenses.
  • Carrier product training is available for any carrier.