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Case Designs Handled For You

Let our team create easy to understand illustrations and complete the busywork so that you can focus on client acquisition.


Designing cases for your clients is time-consuming.  It’s one of the most tedious and meticulous aspects of your work and it takes you away from other, more profitable pursuits.  At APIM, we are driven to help you succeed which is why we have a case management team available to handle this workload on your behalf.

Our case design department has comprehensive experience in everything from retirement planning to business succession and uses this skill set to your benefit allowing you to focus on client service and development.   Our cases are designed for the lifespan of the client’s policy and their best interest is ever at the forefront of our efforts.

Here’s how it works for you.  Once you submit a case, our team will reach out and let you know they’ve received it.  Within only 24 to 48 hours our team will send you a detailed and easy to understand illustration utilizing InsMark’s excellent software while taking into account every possible scenario.  Additionally, any missed sales opportunities for you will be presented for further profit opportunities.  

Our case designs are made with transparency and clarity in mind.  Using InsMark illustrations, we prepare supplemental reports to help you confidently convey the meaning of the case to your client in terms they understand.  With highly visual support materials, your client will walk away with a solid knowledge of their policy.  

Additionally, all of your cases can be branded to match your company’s styles and designs.  They are your cases designed by our excellent staff of professionals.