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Long Term Care Insurance: Protecting Your Client’s Retirement

Purchasing Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) can be the most crucial decision in your client’s life.  Advancements in medical technology and treatment mean that people are living longer.  However, complications from old age and chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia (which account for nearly 42% of patients living in long term care facilities) can spell financial ruin for people who have not prepared ahead of time with an LTC product.  

Consider the costs:  The average yearly cost of staying in an assisted living facility in the United States is $46,350.  An in-home health aide costs $50,668 per year.  Nursing homes are even higher at between $88,348 and $100,379 per year. (according to this 2018 survey)  

The burden of long term care on both emotionally and financially on surviving family members is catastrophic.  As an agent, you have an obligation to apprise your clients about the benefits of LTC products and riders.

At APIM, we have assembled the best plans and policies in the nation.  We work with top names such as Nationwide and Lincoln to provide a wide range of policy options in order to fit any budget or circumstance.  We offer training materials and education to our agents so that they are aware of emerging trends in the LTC marketplace and how to take advantage of of them to provide elite service to their aging clients.  

Flexibility is key to our process with LTC offerings.  

  • We provide monthly and single premium options.  
  • We provide LTC riders to attach to our robust life insurance plans.  
  • We are able to quote for both indemnity and reimbursement benefits.   

Whatever your client’s need, our team will ensure that you are able to present the best products for LTC insurance to your client.