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Market Your Business, Express Your Values

Utilize our time tested CRM to stay connected to your clients.


When it comes to marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  

The root of all marketing stems from a need to connect business with clients and customers in a meaningful way.   Ideally, a business wants a ‘sticky’ relationship with their customers that builds trust and rapport while generating repeat transaction opportunities over time.  

The marketing methods to build this relationship are its own industry.  From print ads to email campaigns, graphic design and digital branding to personal outreach, marketing encompasses a vast array of tools to help you stay connected to your client base.  

If you run a business, you have no doubt been contacted by “marketers” who promise the moon if only you purchase their latest tools and fads.  Unfortunately, most of these scammy salespeople are more focussed on their own success than yours.  

At APIM, our marketing department is not a room filled with salespeople but rather a collective of marketing technicians whose sole purpose is to infuse your company with the latest successful strategies through your partnership with us.  

Marketing is an enormous component of your business that requires many diverse skill sets.  Our team utilizes a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which incorporates a holistic approach to your outreach to clients.  It is our technology that will give you the edge over your competition while providing real-time feedback into which strategies are working and which ones need attention.  

The ability to communicate your values to your client is the heart of this approach and our CRM will become your go-to tool in this effort.  By having access to your data in a meaningful way, we allow you to streamline your sales funnel and hit your target audience with messaging that makes an impact.  


The Three Pillars of our Marketing Division

1. Our CRM System

  • Our insurance-centric CRM helps you connect and stay connected to your clients
  • Quickly view your client’s policy information and insurance illustrations
  • Never forget a client’s birthday or renewal dates
  • Easily automate follow-up processes 
  • And so much more! 

2. Marketing Systems

  • Annuities Genius
  • InsMark
  • iPipeline Quote and Compare Tool
  • Annuity Seminars
  • Retirement Planning Seminars
  • Final Expense/Mortgage Protection Lead Generation and Management

3. Education and Sales Training

  • Access to presentations, print, and digital marketing materials 
  • Sales training to help you maximize your marketing efforts
  • Consistently evolving sales principles to assess your target audience