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Shorten The Profit Cycle From Submitted to Paid

Let us monitor your case through the underwriting process, filling in haps along the way to get your commissions faster


The moment you successfully sell a client an annuity or life insurance policy you are only halfway to realizing your commission. The truth is that there are two sales cycles involved.  The first, which is to sell the policy and the concept of the policy to the client may seem like the most challenging. The second cycle is the sale of that client to the insurer. It is this second cycle that determines whether or not you will actually get paid for all your hard work. 

The time spent in the second sales cycle is critical.  The longer a policy sits, the less likely it is that it will ever be placed and the less likely that you will ever receive the reward of your efforts.

The most common pitfalls during the second cycle are incomplete information on forms, standard requirements not being met, and inaccurate information.  This is why the process of must be carefully and constantly monitored to ensure that the policy goes through and that the client (and yourself) are served. 

With APIM at your side, a dedicated case manager will monitor each of your cases through to fruition and keep you informed every step of the way.  Regular communication and accurate information are the hallmarks of our process when handling the submission and completion of your most important sales cycle.