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An Illustration Worth A Thousand Words

When you receive a detailed report from a carrier that seems to fit your client’s needs perfectly, it’s a natural instinct to want to share it with them right away.  However, what makes perfect sense to you in your excitement can be easily lost in translation over the course of a 30-page carrier report.  When a client understands the benefit, your job becomes a whole lot simpler.  This is why APIM gives its agents an assist with the InsMark Reporting System.

With supplemental reports and easy-to-follow illustrations, the InsMark Reporting System helps your client understand why you were excited without losing their interest (and possibly their business), in fog of industry jargon and financials.  InsMark connects with over 85 premier life insurance carriers so that no matter which policy you’re trying to promote, InsMark’s clear illustrations will keep you and your client on the same page of any life insurance policy. 


InsMark is Your Visual Advantage

When it comes to the creative presentation of a cash value life insurance illustration, InsMark is in a class by itself.  While the carrier’s report is fine for actuarial and legal illustrations, they almost always fall short in the creative department.  By focusing completely on the creative, InsMark ensures that your client will always have a crystal clear illustration of the product you are recommending.  

In dedicating itself to the creative aspect of the presentation and leaving the numbers to the carrier, InsMark’s research and development staff are free to focus solely on the artistic design of policy representation.  The results speak for themselves as InsMark is the only software illustration system that agents ask for by name.